Sub U Systems’ blending of our Router Operating System with leading edge no comprise hardware ensures customers have the best of the best for their IOT applications.

Router Operating System

The Sub U Systems IoT networking appliances run our “Sub U Router Operating System” or ROS as we refer to it. The ROS is our proprietary operating system, and it is what makes the Sub U Systems appliances so special. Our ROS is proprietary, it is based on the time tested Linux OS kernel that we’ve improved upon. The ROS has been hardened and enhanced over tens of thousands of engineering man hours to provide our customers with the most secure, robust, easiest to use, most technology agile IP networking solution within the Internet of Things (IoT) IP networking appliance market today. We have brought together the best IP networking capabilities and protocols, an included the most desired security functionality, to ensure your critical and sensitive data is kept secure.

IOT Devices

The Sub U Systems IoT networking appliances may look small, but they big on features, performance, and security.  Whereas our Sub U Systems ONE device will fit in the palm of your hand, it really compares to other commercial companies 1U and 2U rack mount devices.  The ONE is a low power, sub 15 watts, device, but performs AES 256bit IPSec encryption greater than 250Mbps!  Our small 4.75”x 4” x 2” device offers gigabit Ethernet, Wi-Fi WAN and LAN capability, internal 4G LTE cellular, and even legacy serial interface support.