Router Operating System

At the core of each and every one of the Sub U Systems appliance you will find our robust, high performance, secure Router Operating System.

Sub U Systems IoT networking appliances run our “Sub U Router Operating System” or ROS as we refer to it. The ROS is our proprietary operating system, and it is what makes Sub U Systems appliances so special. Whereas our ROS is proprietary, it is based on the time tested Linux OS kernel that we’ve improved upon.

The ROS has been hardened and enhanced over tens of thousands of engineering man hours to provide our customers with the most secure, robust, easiest to use, most technology agile IP networking solution within the Internet of Things (IoT) IP networking appliance market today. We have brought together the best IP networking capabilities and protocols, and included the most desired security functionality, to ensure your critical and sensitive data is kept secure.

The Sub U Systems ROS is portable, meaning we can easily port the ROS to different hardware platforms based upon customer needs. We prefer working on x86 based processors, but we also support ARM, MIPS, and PowerPC. We find that the latest x86 processors work amazingly well with our ROS, and we are able to leverage Intel’s cryptographic acceleration, random number generator, and other security related functionality. If a customer has a unique application where our hardware doesn’t meet the requirement, give us a ring and talk to us about those requirements. We may have an alternate solution for you based on other hardware.

Our engineering team is committed to supporting customer’s needs, and is always improving our ROS to meet those needs. We have implemented a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) encryption library that has obtained FIPS 140-2 validation. We have done this to give our customers peace of mind that there are no cryptographic vulnerabilities or threats of “back doors”.

We have designed our ROS to be compliant to the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Common Criteria Network Device and VPN Gateway Protection Profiles, ensuring we meet standards based security requirements. We monitor the internet for any potential Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) and we patch them just as soon as they are identified.

Our commitment to building a secure IP networking IoT solution is unparalleled in the industry.